Saturday, September 09, 2006

What's ADD?

Is there anything better than Saturday morning cartoons?
Perhaps Saturday morning animal shows, but it's close.
It just highlights the whole attitude behind lazy Saturday mornings. I love that. I wish you could bottle that feeling up. I want to savor it like a hot cup of Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte. With whip cream on top.
Have you guys seen that commercial for America's Next Top Model where that blonde says "My best feature is my face..." It just sounds... Really bad. I don't know, maybe it's just me. I cringe everytime they play it.
Disclaimer: I'm about to launch into pointless family BS. You have officially been warned.
My little bro, STB (SillyTruckBoy), has recently gone to college. He's at Montana State, 2 states away from home, a bazillion states away from me, with a cell phone, and a 100Mbps internet connection. STB doesn't have texting on his plan (which I constantly inform him is a bad decision), and seems to think that because we both have fast internet and cell phones, I am always available. I'm not. BUT, he's my little bro, so I try to make exceptions. So when STB is unable to reach me via instant message, he calls. STB (and I, once upon a time) come from an uber-sheltered, uber-conservative home. With a dial-up connection to the internet. So with all this newfound freedom and access to everything, he feels the need to share. Everything. With me. I've learned to shut off my computer monitor and speakers when I go to sleep (I don't shutdown my computer because I'm usually downloading.) At lease he doesn't call once I'm asleep. Usually. STB has gotten some pretty disgruntled answers when he calls, and has since learned when not to call. Lately his thing, every weekend, is to ask if I'm drunk. Or if I've been drinking. I don't know who he's been talking to, or who he's kicking it with, but I don't drink that much. Really. He seems to think that because I'm of legal age, I must be drunk at all time that I'm not working. Who knows, maybe he thinks I'm drunk at work too. I'm not. It's mildly insulting really. But even when I AM drunk, there's no way I'm telling him (or even answering the phone) because STB still feels the need to tell mommy and daddy everything (no, I don't seriously call them that), I've had enough lectures thankyouverymuch. I've gotten several about my language, and I'm not feeling getting any about being a drunk. Anyway, I turned on my computer this lovely morning to see STB had messaged me again. This one with first a few of the customary links telling me to check out some "Sweet Trucks" or whatever, so I ooh'd and ahh'd over those. Then he asky why I never told him how funny drunk people are. See, my parents don't drink. So until I moved out, I'd never seen a drunk person, and neither had STB. Apparently some kid in his dorm was wandering around singing and STB thought this was hilarious. That boy is seriously sheltered... If he really wants to see funny drunks, he should kick it with my buds... End of Family Drama/Bitching
"If you're not completely comfortable in your ability to safely handle electricity, consult a liscenced electrician." That little pearl of wisdom penetrated my Zoningness. Apparently I'm watching some home-decorating/remodeling show. *More zoning* Now something about Pears from Central Washington. Yet more zoning results in some used car selling show. I've got a bud telling me to check out KT Tunstall's music, so I'll catch you later...

For Your Viewing Pleasure


La Chou said...

I met the America's Next Top Model filming crew. They are all lesbians, and tell me that most of the models are bitches even though they all make out. It has to be one of the weirdest crews I've ever met...

Kay said...

So it's just a big, bitchy drama-fest? Ish?

La Chou said...

Yeah...with lots of lesbian action. Ahh...the things you learn in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

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