Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Curious about this blogger?

2012 Kaylena Mitchell (your very own California Kay) has moved back to the outskirts of Sacramento. Yay suburban life! She resides in a 3 bedroom house with a (currently deployed) Roomie of the female variety, 2 dogs, 1 cat and a fluctuating number of freshwater fish. She loves writing, baking, hunting down new music, walking her dog and trying to wrestle a fair amount of her bed away from Lolo and the other furry roommates each night.

2009 Kaylena Mitchell was residing in Western Washington, in what her friends lovingly labeled "East Jesus Nowhere." Kaylena (or Kay) was the very definition of a twenty-something "boomerang kid," meaning that she left home, lived on her own, then went back to living with her parents. This worked out very well for Kaylena, since she abhors cooking and had a built-in babysitter for her overly spoiled Mini-Dachshund, Lolo. When not writing, Kaylena enjoys an intense game of fetch, baking cupcakes, playing Guitar Hero, and perusing personal ads on CraigsList (They are hilarious and you really should try it one of these days).

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Anonymous said...

I think I forgot that you perused personals on Craigslist. I've found great joy in this. Almost as much as DYAC.