Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I'm Going Crazy

"But Kay, weren't you already crazy? I mean... C'mon. Really?"


I woke up with a migraine. Then stubbornly stayed in bed waiting for it to magically go away on its own. When that didn't happen, I got up and fetched the vicodin. It worked for an hour or so.

I've been playing the "maybe this will work" game all day.

My ears are killing me.

The lymph nodes in my neck started hurting an hour or two ago.

This tiny voice in my head has started yelling "It's cancer! Ha! Suck it! That's what you get for saying cancer was easier than Fibro!"

Another voice is reminding me that the last time I felt like this it was shingles. I mean, herpes. ;) (So sexy!)

Ha! There's a shingles commercial on my TV right now (The virus may already be inside you). Big Brother, man. He's always watching.

Yet another voice is telling me that it's really not healthy to have voices in one's head, and that I should probably not cancel Friday's shrink appt. But what does she know?

I'm going crazy. If you want to watch the madness in action I'll leave the back door unlocked. Come over whenever. If you make my ears stop ringing I'll share my vicodin. If you make the dog stop touching me I'll hug you.

Is it just me, or is this "The Lucky One" movie a ripoff of a Lifetime/Hallmark movie about a soldier and a Christmas card from some lady from Nevada City or something? (Here we are: The Christmas Card-2006).

You know I DVR all the cheesy Christmas movies. I can't get enough and I have seen a shameful amount of them. My favorite might be Melissa Joan Hart's Holiday in Handcuffs. Screw Disney movies, when I'm sick, I want cheesy Christmas chick-flicks. There aren't any in my DVR right now, sadly. Ooh, JTT's "I'll Be Home for Christmas" is on Starz on Thursday though.

Want my undying love? Cookies and cheesy Christmas movies will put you on the right track.

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